Ibrahim Masud , Mechanical Engineering student, won the Excellent Oral Paper Presentation Award at ICOGE2018, University Of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

【Awardee】Ibrahim Masud(Mechanical Engineering)

【Faculty supervisor】
Professor Yoshihide Suwa(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

【Research theme or presentation title, etc. for which you received the award】
Effect of Blade Inclination Angle on the Efficiency of Hydro kinetic turbine in an undershoot zero head system

【Comments about the achievement】
The purpose of the research is the design of a small hydropower turbine suitable for energy harvesting in Nigeria. Based on this we try to design a zero head system turbine that can be used in an undershoot setup for energy conversion in rural areas.

The presentation is on the effect of the blade angle in turbines with zero head. The experiment and data are analyzed. Result discussed and future plan elaborated.

I expect my research to benefit the society especially rural communities that have rivers but electricity is deficient. Deploying my proposed turbines will impact positively.


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