Othmar Othmar Mwambe, Global course of Engineering and Science graduate student, won the Excellent Presentation Award at ICTES 2018 (2018 5th International Conference on Teaching and Education Sciences).

Othmar Othmar Mwambe (Global course of Engineering and Science)

【Faculty Supervisor】
Professor Eiji Kamioka (Department of Information and Communications Engineering)

【Presentation Theme】
Utilization of Learners' Metacognitive Experiences to Monitor Learners' Cognition States in e-Learning Platforms

【Presentation Summary】
Enhancing Aptitude Treatment Interaction (ATI) in e-learning platforms using learner-centric metacognitive experiences based approach that supports the adaptation of learners' cognitive states into the e-learning platforms.

Multimedia content plays a vital role in e-learning platforms. However, developing learner-centric adaptive features to support adaptation of learner's motivation states into the e-learning has been a challenge due to variation learners' abilities and skills towards multimedia content. This study provides a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) approach to address the challenge.

This study does not only enhance ATI in e-learning platforms but also paves a way for the involvement of deaf people in e-learning platforms.


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