[Update] Information concerning snowfall (22 Jan at 16:35)

Announcement to all the students, the faculty members and the staffs.
According to weather forecasts, a heavy snow warning has been issued in Tokyo and Saitama area.
Since it is expected that traffic disruption will occur by this heavy snow, classes starting from 16:50 will be cancelled.
Please go straight home after your classes.
Moreover, classes starting from 9:00 and 10:50 tomorrow morning will be cancelled due to an expected continuous heavy snow however, classes starting from 13:10 tomorrow afternoon will be conducted as usual. If you have a class in the afternoon tomorrow, please leave your home earlier than usual days.

Regarding the final exams that were supposed to be held today from 16:50 and tomorrow morning from 9:00 and 10:50, SIT will inform about remedial exams’ schedules which will be conducted next days through SIT official web site after tomorrow afternoon.

Also, all faculty members and staffs will have to finish your tasks in 17:00 and go home immediately.

I would like to repeat the announcement.

Information concerning snowfall (22 Jan at 13:20)

This is information concerning snowfall.

According to the weather forecast, it will be snow heavily on Monday evening, January 22.
Thus, public transportation may be delayed due to the weather.

About class cancellation of January 23rd, we will announce the information, by 6 p.m. today on our web site.


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