On January 2, Kenta Yazawa, 4th-year undergraduate of department of civil engineering, a member of track and field team , ran first leg from Tokyo's Otemachi to Tsurumi, Kanagawa prefecture, in the 94th Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden road relay(Hakone ekiden). Shibaura Institute of Technology(SIT) ran in the Hakone ekiden for the first time in history.

*Hakone Ekiden, which is one of the most prominent university relay races, be held between Tokyo and Hakone, on Jan. 2 and 3.

SIT ran in the Hakone Ekiden for the first time in history

Kenta Yazawa was a substitute player for the Kanto Inter-University Athletic Union team, however, by the change of entry on the day, it was decided he participated in Hakone Ekiden.
The race started at 8:00 a.m., and he passed Tamachi station near Shibaura campus around 8:14 a.m. News was announced just before the race starts an hour ago. However, more than 200 students, alumni and faculty members rushed to send a big cheer for Yazawa along the street.
As a result, with a total time of 1 hour, 4 minutes, 50 seconds, he passed the tasuki(a cloth sash baton) to next runner. This time, SIT participated in the Hakone Ekiden for the first time in history. Yazawa ran admirably at a pace near personal best time.

At a starting point. Yazawa is on the second from left.
Yazawa ran at a pace near personal best time

Comments by Kenta Yazawa

I was a substitute player initially, and was surprised be notified that the entry was changed, but I was ready since I had been training for a long for the race. I was a bit nervous because I felt that the atmosphere was special at a starting point.
Since the race started, I felt that the race was going fast. But my run wasn't bad, I was able to run at a pace near personal best time in the first half, and I think I was able to do my best.

During the race, it was a great encouragement to me to see SIT's flag where is on a roadside, and also to receive cheers.
This time, I ran in the Hakone Ekiden for the first time as SIT, and was able to show the appearance of it to the junior. I want them have a confident that they can do it with effort too.

I was able to participate in Hakone ekiden and pass over the tasuki, with support and encouragement from many people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Comments by Yoshiro Ajisawa, a coach

In spite of the sudden decision of participation and the first leg in which a sub leading player of each team run, I think Yazawa ran well. It is more than anything that he brought out his best on such a big stage. As he is a member of the team, I think that participation this time will lead to the future.

Photo Gallery

Near Tamachi station
Tamachi station near Shibaura campus
Near Kita Shinagawa station
Supporters near Kamata station
Near Kamata station
Yazawa put out a last spurt
Yazawa passed the tasuki to next runner
Team members welcomed Yazawa after he ran


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