The 1st-year Functional Control System graduate student, Ploybussara Gomasang, won Outstanding Oral Presentation Award at 13th International Conference on Ecometrials 2017.

Ploybussara Gomasang (1st-year, Functional Control Systems, Doctor's Program, Graduate School of Engineering and Science)

【Faculty supervisor】
Prof. Kazuyoshi Ueno(Department of Electronic Engineering)

【Research theme】
High Temperature and High Humidity Accelerations to Estimate the Lifetime of Cu Metallization for LSIs

【Comments about the achievement】
The purpose of our present research is to establish the lifetime prediction model for Cu metallization under the high accelerated degradation test (ADT) for development of reliable Cu interconnects with longer lifetime such as 100 years.

We have studied the oxidation of Cu under a high temperature and high humidity at various temperatures. We found that bare Cu metallization is potentially more sensitive to moisture than conventional Al metallization.

This work supports to improve long-lifetime of Cu metallization used in a long-term storage device to increase more than 100 years. Results suggest the importance to improve the Cu film to against the oxidation from moisture in the future.


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