Project Based Learning (PBL) event will be held at SIT Omiya campus from December 12th to 20th 2017, organized by Shibaura Institute of Technology. Students from Japan and overseas universities will challenge in solving problems set by Japanese corporations and organizations in mixed groups.

The aim of the program is to encourage students to acquire problem-solving skills through the PBL activities. 78 students from 14 universities from 8 countries will be divided into groups and challenge in solving problems such as global services for international travelers, and countermeasures to the falling birthrate in Japan, and etc. Students will give final presentation to corporations and organizations on December 19th, and also take tests (PROG, CEFR) on December 20th which can visualize the learning effect of the program, and feedback about the result.


  1. 9 corporations and organizations offer project themes (City planning, ideas for developing new products, global services for international travelers, etc.)
  2. Corporations and organizations cooperate in facility tours and field work.
  3. Not only propose ideas, but also challenge in prototyping.
Photo in past event


The participants of the program are university students from Japan and all over the world. They are divided into groups, and challenge in finding solutions for the project themes. Participants from Japan are 38 students in total, including 33 students from Shibaura Institute of Technology, 3 students from Ehime University, 1 student from Tokyo Denki University, and 1 student from Dokkyo University. This program also has activities such as feild trip and facility tours.


The aim of PBL is that students acquire problem-solving skills, through the PBL activities including field research, group activities and etc. In addition, through the process of exchanging ideas with the participants from different academic and cultural background, students acquire problem-solving skills, communication skills, and leadership skills which are important and useful in business.

Program outline

A run of 9 days: from December 12 to December 20, 2017.

Venue: SIT Omiya campus, Saitama City, Tochigi prefecture, Nasu-gun, Nasu-cho, and Nikko City.

Participant: 78 Students including TA from 14 Universities from 8 countries.
Japan: 33 students from Shibaura Institute of Technology (including 27 Japanese students、International students (from) Thailand 3, Vietnam 1, Malaysia 1, China 1), 3 students from Ehime University, a student from Tokyo Denki University, a student from Dokkyo University.
India: 3 students of Indian Institute of Technology, and Madras, a student from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
Indonesia: 6 students from Institute of Technology Sepuluh, Nopember.
Malaysia: A student from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, and 3 students from Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Singapore: 4 students from National University of Singapore.
Thailand: 10 students from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, and 5 students from Suranaree University of Technology.
Vietnam: 5 students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
Mongolia: 2 students from Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Project theme offered by:
Kanepackage co.,ltd. / Saitama Prefecture / Saitama Water Service Association. / Sakae Seiki MFG.CO.,Ltd / Shizen Energy Inc. / DORA EVER / Tochigi Prefecture / NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION / Honda R& D Co.,Ltd



Tue. Dec. 12
Opening ceremony, Welcome party, Presentations of project themes, and go into the groups.

Wed. Dec. 13

Field trip to Tochigi prefecture

Thu. Dec. 14
Field research (research/survey/production) 

Fri. Dec. 15
Facility tours

Sat. Dec. 16
Design Review and Group activities (research/survey/production)

Sun. Dec. 17
Group activities (research/survey/production)

Mon. Dec. 18
Group activities (research/survey/production)

Tue. Dec. 19
Final presentation and Farewell Party

Wed. Dec. 20
PROG test, CEFR-based can-do list, Post-Learning outcomes, and Closing ceremony


Planning and Public Relations Section

3-9-14 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8548, Japan (2F Shibaura campus)