[Update for Omiya Campus] Information concerning "Typhoon No.21" (At 10/23, 11:20)

 All classes at Omiya Campus on October 23, 2017 have been canceled since
the JR train service has been suspended due to the typhoon No 21.
Note that classes on Toyosu and Shibaura campus are going to be held from
the afternoon as scheduled.

[Update] Information concerning "Typhoon No.21" (At 10/22, 20:15)

Regarding classes on Monday, October 23rd

In our second report regarding classes on October 23rd (Mon.), we have announced that classes will be held as usual.

However, considering the fact that public transport such as JR East, has announced a decrease in number of train operation tomorrow morning, we officially announce "cancellation of classes for 1st and 2nd period".
Classes for 3rd period onwards will be held as usual. Please take care when heading to the campus for classes on 3rd period onwards.

Information concerning "Typhoon No.21" (At 10/22, 17:00)

SIT will announce about classes of 10/23(Mon).
All classes including MOT will be held as usual.

Information concerning "Typhoon No.21" (At 10/20, 13:00)

This is information concerning "Typhoon No.21".

Typhoon No.21 will come to Tokyo area around 10/23(Mon).
So public transportation may be delayed.

We will inform about class cancellation on this web site.
Please refer to the schedule below.

1. Undergraduate school and Graduate school (except MOT)
We will inform you about the decision at 10/22(Sun) 17:00.

2. MOT
We will inform you about the decision at 10/23(Mon) noon.


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