Graduate School of Engineering and Science student, Pham Ngoc Hung, won the Best Presentation Paper Award at 2017 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS2017).

Pham Ngoc Hung (Graduate School of Engineering and Science/Year: 2017)

【Faculty supervisor】
Prof. Takashi Yoshimi(Department of Electrical Engineering)

【Research theme or presentation title, etc. for which you received the award】
Programming Everyday Task Using Primitive Skills and Generative Model of Movement Demonstrated by Human

【Comments about the achievement】
The purpose of this research to propose an automated programming method of everyday manipulation task for robot.

In this research, I proposed to use a generative model (Dynamic Movement Primitives) of hand movement which is recorded from human demonstration and build a collection of primitive skills for the robot. The task can be automatically programmed from the sequence of primitive skills with adaptation to new changes such as the change of object’s location. In the experiment, a robot arm with a parallel gripper executed successfully the task ‘dispensing water’ from a water thermos pot by this programming method.

I expect to use this research result in developing intelligent service robots at home where the robots can accomplish everyday manipulation tasks. This research can be improved and developed so that the robot learn and execute automatically manipulation task from instructions and human demonstration.


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