3rd-year graduate student, Md Sahab Uddin, won the Poster Award at 81th symposium on semiconductors and integrated circuits technology 2017.

Md Sahab Uddin (3rd year, Functional Control Systems, Graduate School of Engineering and Science)

【Faculty supervisor】
Prof. Kazuyoshi Ueno(Department of Electronic Engineering)

【Research theme or presentation title, etc. for which you received the award】
Improvement of multilayer graphene (MLG) / n-GaN Schottky diode properties fabricated with transfer-free deposition of MLG on n-GaN by solid-phase reaction

【Comments about the achievement】
The purpose of my present research is to fabricate a thermally stable Schottky barrier diode (SBD) on n-GaN. GaN based diode is expected as a next generation high frequency and high efficient power device. We proposed multilayer graphene (MLG) as a new electrode material, since, MLG has good thermal properties. For fabricating MLG based n-GaN device we proposed transfer-free deposition of MLG on n-GaN by solid-phase reaction.

We have successfully fabricate MLG/n-GaN SBD with transfer-free deposition of MLG with better thermal stability than the conventional SBD. We have also improved the diode characteristics by changing the top metal from Au to Au/Ni. With further improvement, MLG/n-GaN diode will find the gateway for various applications replacing the conventional Ni/n-GaN SBD.

The application of our MLG/n-GaN diode with improved thermal stability will lead to fabricate an n-GaN power device operating at high frequency and high temperature. This will improve the efficiency of the fabricated device and lead to save energy in our daily life as well as in industrial aspect.


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