Dr. Muralidhar Miryala (Graduate School of Engineering and Science) won Amity Global Academic Excellence Award at INBUSH ERA World Summit 2017.

Amity Global Academic Excellence Award

INBUSH ERA World Summit is an annual multidisciplinary summit hosted by Amity International Business School in Noida, India. The event attracts noted scholars, educators, business leaders and media experts from all over the world.
The Amity Global Academic Excellence Award is bestowed during the summit and celebrates individuals who make remarkable contributions in academia and higher education management.

Dr. Miryala described his initial reaction to the recognition, “I am very honored by having been selected for the Amity Global Academic Excellence Award. I am excited because as I understand, this event takes place in presence of many leaders from reputed national & international universities, noted academicians, high profile media personalities, and corporate leaders. I expect it will be one of the most exciting moments of my life.”

As for his future goals and aspirations, Dr. Miryala said, “I attempt and intend to do my best to establish SIT as a leading education group of Japan and, if possible, one of the top world class universities. I hope that all my efforts will help to accelerate the education internationalization in SIT with the goal to get ranked in Top 10 among engineering universities in Asia by the year 2027, when SIT will celebrate its centennial. I hope the award I am getting now will help me in this endeavor.”


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