30 students participated in the 15-day Summer Engineering English Program at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) from August 14 to August 28, 2016. Test results showed improvements in English scores of all participants.

The participants took a set of written English language tests in the identical format on the first day and last day of the program. Figure 1 below visualizes the improvements in the students’ test scores.

On the first day, 27 out of 30 students scored lower than 15 (60% below the highest possible score). From the second day onward, the participants visited research facilities and laboratories at IITM campus in the morning and attended English lessons in the afternoon. The lessons were designed to enhance the students’ knowledge in grammar, writing, engineering vocabulary and presentation skills. An industrial visit and a cultural tour on the weekends offered opportunities to open the students’ insight into the local industry, history, and culture.

On the last day of the program, 19 students scored higher than 16 and there were 9 students who almost scored the full mark. The shift in the distribution of the test scores shows that the 2 weeks of rigorous training was effective in strengthening grasp of the English language.

What is the Engineering English Program?

The Engineering English Program takes place during spring and summer semester breaks. Destinations include a number of reputable science and technology universities in South and Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia and India.
The program participants stay at guest house, hotel, dormitory-type accommodations while attending interactive classes of English language which are designed specifically for students in STEM.
The program offers plenty of learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Through visits to local companies and factories, tours on campus research facilities and living in dormitories, the students develop a sense of independence, respect for different lifestyles and a deeper cultural awareness. This program is great for students with beginner-level and intermediate English proficiency. Details for the SIT-IITM Engineering English Program can be found in Table 1. For more technical details, please contact Prof. Dr. M. Muralidhar, Program Coordinator, and Deputy President at SIT.

The timetable for the Engineering English Program in summer 2016 is posted below for reference.*

*Dates and activities may vary from season to season.

Table 1: Timetable for The Engineering English Program at IITM, Chennai, India in summer 2016*

Date AM (9:30-12:30) PM (14:00-16:00) After 16:00~
Sun., Aug. 14 Narita Airport, Tokyo→Chennai (via New Delhi)
Mon., Aug. 15 Orientation Engineering English IITM Tour
Tue., Aug. 16 Lab visit: MSRC/LT visit Engineering English   Cultural exchange (Temple/Church)
Wed., Aug. 17  Lab visit: Department of Engineering Design Engineering English  IITM Tour
Thu., Aug. 18  Lab visit: Department of Civil Engineering Engineering English  Sports with IITM students
Fri., Aug. 19  Lab visit: Department of Electrical Engineering Engineering English  Sports with IITM students
Sat., Aug. 20  Industry visits (Murugappa Industries), Cultural exchange
 Sun., Aug. 21 Cultural tour (Dakshina Chitra and Mahabalipuram)   
 Mon., Aug. 22 Mechanical workshop Engineering English Sports with IITM students
Tue., Aug. 23   Lab visit: Department of Computer Science and Engineering Engineering English Sports with IITM students 
Wed., Aug. 24   IITM Research Park; Innovation Center Engineering English  Cultural exchange (city tour)
Thu., Aug., 25   Lab visit: Department of Chemistry Engineering English  Preparation of final presentations at MSRC
 Fri., Aug. 26 Engineering English  Final presentations  Farewell party
 Sat., Aug. 27    Chennai→Narita Airport, Tokyo Overnight flight
 Sun., Aug. 28 Arrive at Narita Airport   


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