25 students from The American School in Japan, Seisen International School, India International School in Japan, K-International School and St. Mary’s International School had participated in laboratory research at Toyosu and Omiya campuses as interns for two weeks from July 4-July 16.

The student interns were assigned to 16 laboratories each run by a SIT professor. The research interests of the laboratories ranged from robotics and superconductivity to artificial membranes and animal physiology. This 2 week rigorous internship program was designed by greet efforts of Prof. Dr. Miryala Muralidhar and Prof. Dr. Masato Murakami.

Having a glimpse of ongoing research projects at university-level laboratories and having exposure to advanced scientific knowledge seemed a powerful force of motivation for the student interns where many of whom voiced their desire to return next year.

Student Voices

Here are some of the comments by high school interns this year:

“Joining the High School Summer Internship Program in SIT was a great experience for me as I explore the field of Bioscience and Engineering. Before this internship, I was doubtful about my future career. I had an interest in Biology and Organic Chemistry, however, was worried whether I could do it or not. As I worked on my task during these two weeks, I [gradually] gained confidence. I learned many practical techniques and met new friends. I experienced working on [projects] which can only be done in university level of studies. Once again it reminded me how science influences our lives by making them better and more comfortable. This whole internship was enjoyable and totally worth it. I would like to thank the whole SIT group for giving me this opportunity to make my summer productive and unforgettable.” – Coleen

“In these past two weeks, I was given the opportunity to build and program a robot that could follow instructions and stop autonomously. I was able to gain hands-on experience, solve problems through trial and error and also work with brilliant professors and students. I was able to get a deeper understanding of what I may want to pursue in the future, how this could potentially help people, and learn things I would not have been able to from books. On top of that, I was also able to meet different people of similar interests. Overall, my time at SIT was very memorable, one of the most worthwhile experiences, in fact, and I do hope to relive the experience next year as well.” – Shreya

“The internship program was one of the most valuable experiences in my academic life. This program was a shift in my learning experience as well as personal development. Working in the electrical engineering department, I got practical experience under the guidance of expert faculty in a project on building a robot. Collaborating with students from various schools and cultural background was add-on to this. This program helped bring out my soft skills such as presenting in front of a group, communication, team work and report writing. I believe these skills are important and crucial for my future academic and professional career. I would like to thank my professor and supervisor for guiding me towards successful completion of the program.” – Bharath Srinivas

“There are no such program as SIT internship program for high-school students. I worked at the area of Material Science and Engineering, I got a chance to [participate in] complicated chemistry experiments. My lab experiment, which was to make PDMS stamps and learn about artificial bio-membrane models, is unforgettable to me since this experiment got me interested in the areas of chemistry further more. It was such a big pleasure and an honor to collaborate with the graduate students in SIT and to gain more scientific knowledge. Through this internship, I gained deeper insight of college level science. Not only I learned how to conduct such complicated experiments, but also I learned how to clean up used equipment, how to handle the chemicals, and how small change in the experiment can damage the whole lab. As such, SIT internship program gave valuable experience and interest to me. I thank SIT for this great opportunity.” – Won Je Kang

“For the two weeks that I spent at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, I worked in the department of material science and engineering. I was able to learn about superconductive materials and much more about physics as well as chemistry. This program has allowed me to not only become much more aware about the role of science in our everyday lives, but has also allowed me to gain new friends who I share similar interests with. This was an unforgettable experience, one which I will cherish forever. I thank everyone at SIT who made this opportunity possible, and I hope to return some time in the near future.” – Sara Strand


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