Winner of the Advocacy, Campaigning and Social Project Award

Students from Dr. Hideaki Shimura’s Regional Design Laboratory presented their “Tsukishima Alley Walking Map” at Walk21 Vienna 2015 Conference from October 20 to 23, 2015 – a conference which celebrates innovative projects around the world to make cities more walkable.

The students created the “Map” to introduce the nostalgic charm of nagaya-style houses and alleyways in Tsukishima, Tokyo to domestic and foreign visitors.
The English version of the Map, “Tsukishima Alley Walking Map” won the Advocacy, Campaigning and Social Project Award at Walk21 Vienna’s event, the Walking Visionary Awards.
The award ceremony took place on the first day of the conference where Dr. Shimura’s students gave presentations on their project on the second day.

“There were a lot of people from European countries including the Dutch, the British, the Czech. The audience asked questions such as ‘Can cars travel down the alleys?’, ‘Does the local government support the project?’ and ‘How much has Tsukishima been redeveloped?’ ” Dr. Shimura recalled.
“The students did a nice job of introducing the charm of Tsukishima to the audience. We’ll continue to create contents for the English guidebook of the area, which we hopefully will be able to present at the next conference,” he said.
Dr. Shimura commented on his students’ growing global awareness and future goals at the laboratory: “My students have grown more confidence about their English skills and are motivated to keep studying the language. This experience has been so rewarding for my students that I believe they are emboldened to see more of the world.”