Working with Olympic-themed projects

63 students from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan attended a nine-day PBL event from December 10 to December 18. The participating universities included Tokyo Denki University, a GTI Consortium member university, and six of SIT’s partner universities in Southeast Asia.

The students split up in 10 teams where they worked on group projects in different themes such as city planning, new systems and services for Olympic Games 2020.
SIT students explored the city on foot with international students and brainstormed ideas for challenges visitors would face during the Olympic Games. The Japanese and Southeast Asian students performed fieldwork while shared concerns surrounding the environment, energy and infrastructure in their home countries.

The final presentations took place on December 17 on Omiya Campus.
In the presentations, the student groups presented ideas for a new navigation system and a waste-sorting device with sensors to ease foreign visitors’ stress in navigating through Tokyo’s major train stations and waste-sorting rules.

This PBL event saw an active exchanging of ideas and perspectives among students from six countries with different academic and cultural backgrounds and worldviews, which made it an excellent opportunity for SIT students to develop their practical skills in working with people from overseas and walking in their shoes.

Working in groups
Presentation on a sensor-powered waste-sorting solution
Site visit to a purification plant for a project on water-purifying technology
Site visit to investigate local resources: students trying on a traditional karamushi weaving device at Showa Village in Fukushima Prefecture