Shibaura Institute of Technology (Koto-ku, Tokyo/ President Masato Murakami) signed a comprehensive agreement on mutual cooperation and promotion with Japan External Trade Organization (Minato-ku, Tokyo/Chief Director Hiroyuki Ishige) at Toyosu Campus on December 3, 2015.
This new agreement is expected to make positive impacts on training of promising engineers, problem-solving in Japanese and local companies in Southeast Asia and tackling environmental and social challenges in the greater Southeast Asia region.

1. Background and Development of the Agreement

SIT has been actively involved in human resource training and exchange in Southeast Asia, with goals in offering practical technological curricula for budding engineering talents with a global mindset.
To further encourage such engagements, leaders at SIT thought it was necessary to work together with industries and governmental agencies. As a result, proposals for Global Technology Initiative (GTI) were made and today marks its launch.

The key to success of the Consortium projects is its cooperation with companies which are going through internationalization themselves. SIT, with its focus on practical curricula and research, and JETRO, whose long-time relationships with and rich knowledge of successful globally-expanding Japanese companies, set their mutual goals which include nurturing of new engineering talents, problem-solving for issues affecting Japanese and local companies in Southeast Asia and finding solutions for environmental problems.
This Comprehensive Agreement came as the result of their mutual desire to generate innovative solutions to fulfil their social responsibility.

2. What’s Next? Prospective Activities

In meeting above mentioned goals, SIT shall promote GTI Consortium projects including global project-based learning (global PBL), overseas internships and international collaborative research.
JETRO shall encourage the participation of domestic companies in Japan and ones in Southeast Asia in GTI Consortium projects. JETRO also aims to boost its own level of engagement with such projects.

※GTI Consortium
With Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) as its incorporator and Japanese and Southeast Asian universities and private companies as members, the GTI Consortium aims to bolster cooperation among government agencies, academic and industry members, training of new engineering talents, promoting innovations and the competitiveness of the technological industries in the region.
Shibaura Institute of Technology is a member of the Management Committee for the Consortium which boasts over 100 members.


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