Japanese and Korean Students Team Up for Cross-cultural Marketing Strategies for Electric Vehicles

The Graduate School of Engineering Management (MOT) at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) jointly held a four-day Project Based Learning (PBL) Program with Yonsei University, South Korea. The project which the graduate students from the two universities worked on was about coming up with solutions for successful marketing of an electric vehicle (EV).

SIT has run joint MOT seminars with Yonsei University since 2007 but the PBL program was the first of its kind.

Students and alumni at both universities joined in on presentations and Q&A sessions via video chats on October 8 and October 15. The SIT delegate, with MOT alumni, left for South Korea on November 2 and November 3. Participants from SIT and Yonsei were broken up in three teams to work on their projects for the joint seminar.

The PBL participants from SIT included two faculty members, seven students and three alumni. Two faculty members and 10 students from Yonsei joined the SIT delegate.

As a result of most PBL participants being working adults, constructive ideas and insider knowledge on automation companies, road construction and international business were exchanged during group discussion sessions using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

The MOT alumni offered advice from the consumers’ point-of-view. All three teams were able to put together their solutions after two days of intensive discussion and analysis.

The Korean students tended to be in favor of gaining market shares as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the Japanese students were more likely to think in terms of where the EV fits in the needs of the society and customers instead of shining spotlight on the functional values as the main selling point of the EV.

The participants from both universities were pleased with the result of the PBL Program for its effective use of the AHP and the group discussion format.

The Graduate School of Engineering Management (MOT) at SIT, in order to promote international activities, plans to carry on with the PBL Program from the next year onward.

MOT gPBL Activities

October 8 Video Chat Presentation I.
Yonsei University
(1) Juheon Park: “Marketing Strategy Proposals Based on EV Market Outlook” Part I.

Shibaura Institute of Technology
(2) Shigeo Ikeno: “Learning from the California Gold Rush: Who Will Reap the Gold from the EV Business?”
(3) Sanae Aoyama: “The EV Market: An Analysis and A Consumer’s Point-Of-View”

October 15 Video Chat Presentation II.
Yonsei University
(1) Juheon Park: “Marketing Strategy Proposals Based on EV Market Outlook” Part II.

Shibaura Institute of Technology
(2) Alan Roy: “An Investigation of Consumers, National and Auto Manufacturer Policies in Europe”

November 2-3 Joint MOT Seminar
(1) Professor Yoshihide Horiuchi: “On How to Use the AHP and Creating Alternatives Based on Precedents in Presentations, Test Drives and Empirical Data.”
(2) Nobuyuki Kato: “Japan’s Effort in Promotion of the Spread of the EV”
(3) PBL: “Proposals for Global EV Marketing Strategies”