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Postgraduate Program

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I do not have a good command of Japanese. Can I still apply for Master’s/Doctor’s Program in SIT?  Do I need to come to Japan for the Entrance Examination?
For English-speaking students, we have set up an admission system called "Special Selection for Foreign Students (SSFS)"。As for the Master’s/ Doctor’s Program in SIT, we have many classes/ lectures which are conducted in English, so you can get the degrees in English. We have just implemented new way where application and enrollment for the entrance examination will be done by online, so you do not have to visit Japan for the examination.
How can I find my supervisor?  How can I contact my preferred supervisor?
Visit T-WEB (SIT Research Profile site) and find your preferred professor(s). Once you have decided on the faculty and the preferred professor, please attach the following documents and email them to Graduate School Section :
· Message to the professor (explain on your interest)
· CV
· Research Plan
· Others (Research Achievement, Transcript, etc.)
After the documents are received, the staff will forward the email to the professor and please give us some time to get the feedback from the professor. As this process may takes time, please pay attention to the application deadline.
Do I fulfill the eligibility to take examination?
Please refer to the link below on the requirement to apply for enrollment. If you do not fulfill the requirement, there is a “Prequalification” stage. If you pass the stage, then you are eligible to sit for the entrance examination. However “Prequalification” cannot be done by online, therefore you must need to come to Japan for the “Prequalification” stage.

Special Selection for Foreign Students(SSFS)
Do all the applicants need to submit TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS?
Yes, all the applicants need to submit the certificate of TOEFL, TOEIC or other equivalent English proficiency test.
Does SIT have a scholarship system for International students?
Unfortunately there is no scholarship system for Master's students. Meanwhile, for Doctoral students with outstanding achievements, there is scholarship system in which the tuition fees, admission fees and monthly living expenses are provided. The scholarship guidelines are posted on the admission application page for your reference.
Where can I refer to about the entrance examination schedule and application guideline?
You can check from the link below. Even though application period may already due when you check the link, there are application guidelines from the previous application for your future reference for necessary preparation and required documents.

Application Guideline

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Undergraduate Program

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What are the qualifications and eligibility for taking the undergraduate examination?
Qualifications and requirements for the undergraduate examination are as follows.

Those who have foreign nationality and have reached 18 years of age at the time of enrollment in SIT. Also, those who meet the following basic qualifications and requirements.

【Qualifications for the Undergraduate Examination】
(1) Those who have completed 12 years of study outside of the Japanese education system, whether domestic or overseas, or expect to finish by March 31, 2019.
Those who have been enrolled in junior and senior high schools based on the Japanese education system, for no more than be two years in total. (Those who have completed high school based on the Japanese education system cannot apply regardless of the number of yearslivingin Japan)

(2) Those who have completed secondary school education in a country where the course of regular instruction is less than 12 years and have completed a preparatory curriculum (university preparatory course) for entering a Japanese university at an educational facility designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as MEXT), or those who are expected to complete such a program.

(3) Those who have obtained official university entrance qualifications in countries other than Japan.

(4) Those who have been designated by the Minister of MEXT as having university entrance qualifications.

【Requirements for Undergraduate Examination】
Qualifications are different for each special entrance exam for international students, so please check the application guidelines.(in Japanese)

We have a special entrance exam for international students, which is the "Special Entrance Examination for Foreigners: 外国人特別入試".

If you apply for admission, you must:
1. Take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

If you want to study in the School of Architecture, you are also required to take the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)N2 or N1 level.
Please check the application guidelines.(in Japanese)

Applicants are required to have a high level of Japanese proficiency in order to read the guidelines do interviews and take lessons in Japanese.
Do you offer academic courses in English for undergraduates?
No. SIT does not offer English-based courses for undergraduates.
Students who study in the undergraduate program are required to have high level of Japanese proficiency to be able to take academic courses in Japanese.
Does SIT have a scholarship for International students in the undergraduate program?
For private international students, there is a scholarship called ”芝浦工業大学私費外国人留学生学費援助”:
"SIT tuition scholarship aid for private international students". This scholarship will be offered to those who are enrolled in SIT's undergraduate program and who satisfy the tuition fee assistance standards set by SIT (standard of household difficulty, standard of grades). This scholarship covers a part of annual tuition for private international students. The amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the student's 2nd semester payment.

Private international students who pass the entrance examination must transfer the full amount of payment (971,000 yen) at the time of admission. However, you must also have "study abroad" residence status approved by the Japanese government.

For any inquiry about this scholarship, please contact the Student Affairs Section after your enrollment.
Do you have a dormitory in SIT?
SIT has an international dormitory on the Omiya campus.
It costs 35,000yen per month including utility cost. Please be informed that SIT does not have a dormitory at its Toyosu and Shibaura campuses. SIT helps international students who study at the Toyosu and Shibaura campuses to find accommodation.
When does the academic year start? Is it possible to enroll in Autumn?
SIT's academic year starts in April and ends in March. SITcurrently does not offer Autumn enrollment for undergraduate students.

Student Exchange Program

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What kinds of “student mobility programs” does SIT offer?
SIT offers SIT student mobility programs as bellow. Choose the program according to your purpose.

-Course Taking Sandwich Program(Course oriented program)
-Research Exchange Program(Research oriented program)
Am I eligible to apply for the program?
I’m not the student from Partnership University of SIT, am I still eligible to apply for the program?
Even if you are NOT a student from partnership university of SIT, if your university approves and if you can pay the program fees after arrival, you are still eligible to apply for our program The program fees are described in each guideline.
What kind of courses are offered in SIT?
SIT has more than 130 courses offered in English in undergraduate and master degree level. Check each courses conducted in English fromthe guideline of Course Taking Sandwich Program.
How do I apply for SIT student mobility program?
Application submission shall only be done through the international exchange coordinator at your university.
1)Have your international coordinator to send us the nomination letter by the deadline.
2)Fill out all the application forms and submit through your international coordinator

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