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Center Of Community

Project of "Center of Community (COC)"
Ownership: Minster of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Project for universities to unify the functions of Renovation or Activation towards Regions through the Educational Innovation

Human Resource Development through "Town Planning" activities and "Designing & Manufacturing" activities

How to proceed COC in Shibaura
  • Founding Philosophy: Nurturing Engineers who learn from global society and contribute to global society
  • Enhancement of Trinity with Education, Research, Contribution to Community
  • 1. Establish the human resource development program with community through PBL (Project Based Learning)
    2. Expand to development of global human resources

Community Partnership Center

Community Partnership Center promotes the collaboration with residents, local government, communities, industries etc.

Town Planning activities

Community Partnership Center 02
Community Partnership Center 01
  • Improvement of dwelling quality by collaboration with Wood Distributors
  • Activating Canal and Enhancement of Community
  • Shibaura Urban Design School Project
  • Town Planning collaboration - Saitama Project

Designing & Manufacturing activities

Community Partnership Center 04
Community Partnership Center 03
  • Designing Smart Town with safe guard, healthcare, etc.,
  • by robotics technology
  • Return of Manufacturing by materials & process innovation
  • Personal Mobility (Low Carbonate Mobility) Project

Region- Oriented Courses

90 minutes Lecture;
Topics is related to residency, local government, communities, industries etc.

Region Related Project-Based Learning Courses

90-180 minutes fieldwork, workshop;
Problem-Solving Case Study related to communities and residency.

Region- Oriented Research Papers

Research Repots, Papers;
Case Study related to communities and residency.


Research and Development Office

3-7-5 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8548, Japan (3F Research Building Toyosu campus)