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Tuition and Scholarships

AY2017 / YEN

Doctor's Program

  1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Tuition 917,800 657,800 657,800
Other Fees 184,000 184,000 184,000
Total 1,101,800 841,800 841,800

Master's Program

  1st year 2nd year
Tuition 1,465,000 1,305,000
Other Fees 25,000 15,000
Total 1,490,000 1,320,000

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year






Other Fees










SIT Scholarship Opportunity for International Students (Non-Degree Seeking) AY2016

Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) offers scholarships for students who wish to study under the following short term programs (Non-Degree Seeking). The scholarships should be applied prior to the arrival in Japan.* The detailed information is as below.

Program Sandwich Program for Undergraduate
Research Exchange/Laboratory Internship Program Global PBL
Amount of scholarship per month ** JPY80,000 or JPY40,000 JPY40,000 for initial cost + JPY40,000 JPY80,000 or JPY60,000
Application procedure Refer to the program information. Refer to the program information. This is a faculty-based program with our partner university, so please ask your university.

* Those who have already come and studied at SIT cannot apply for the scholarship.
* *The amount of scholarship will be determined upon the result of the screening process.

[Japanese Government Scholarship] and [Private Organizations]

Most of the scholarships for international students grant a certain amount of money. (It means that you do not have to pay it back.)
Depending on the scholarship for which you apply, you can either go through us or can apply by yourself.
Details concerning scholarships will be posted on the Bulletin Board, so do not forget to check. In addition, there are time limits for the submission of scholarship application.
Please be careful, since we cannot accept any application for which the application period has expired.