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Engineering and Design - Product Design Course


About Product Design Course

Students will develop the ability to improve the appeal of products based on examinations of the entire process from research and planning through design, manufacturing, advertising, and sales. After they acquire basic expertise through a broad range of specialized engineering courses, students will study logical design methodologies and processes. Through the program, they will hone their sensibilities and acquire skills to make comprehensive approaches.

Research Domain

Technology and design, energy conservation, human engineering, universal design, marketing, making things, usability, ubiquitous computing, behavioral science, consumer behavior, psychology, color theory, barrier-free design

Lab. Detail Head of Lab. Keyword
SciVal Profile Noriko Hashida  
SciVal Profile Shigeru Furuya  
SciVal Profile Kazutoshi Masunari  
SciVal Profile Wonseok Yang  
User Experience Design Lab. Detail Ryoji Yoshitake Ergonomics, Usability, UX, UI,

The graduates are highly sought-after for design sectors and design planning sectors in a variety of firms, specialized in product development, manufacturing and sales (automobile, household appliances, facility equipment, general merchandise, furniture, packaging, office equipment), design offices, trading companies, logistics companies, government, and educational institutions. There are also large opportunities to enter post-graduate courses.