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Engineering and Design - Engineering Design Course


About Engineering Design Course

Mechatronics Systems and Embedded Software Field This training produces design engineers who can develop systems controls and embedded software for robots, cars, home appliances, and other things. Manufacturing System Design Field This program fosters practical skills to resolve problems through manufacturing system design. Students study manufacturing comprehensively, from product design for such industrial goods as cars and household appliances to the actual manufacturing of products.

Research Domain

Robots, mechatronics, embedded software, modelbased design and development, software development, ubiquitous networks, control systems, systems design, flexible manufacturing technologies, manufacturing IT, manufacturing systems, die design and manufacturing, product manufacture

Engineering Design Course(Mechatronics Systems and Embedded Software Field)

Lab. Detail Head of Lab. Keyword
Robotics System Design Detail Takeshi Sasaki Intelligent Space, system integration, RT-Middleware
SciVal Profile Akira Shimada  
SciVal Profile Natsuko Noda  
Computing Design Lab. Detail Kenichi Yamazaki Programming Language, Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing, Networking

Engineering Design Course(Manufacturing System Design Field)

Lab. Detail Head of Lab. Keyword
Functional Surface Design Detail Tatsuhiko Aizawa Dies and Molds, Manufacturing Sciences, Plasma, Laser, Micro-parts, Nano-technology, Meta-materials
Near Net Shape Manufacuturing (anzai) Lab Detail Masahiro Anzai Mechanical machining, Material engineering, Additive manufacturing, Die and Mold technology
Die and Mold Design engineering Laboratory Detail Takekazu Sawa Die and Mold, Precision machining and grinding
Surface Design Detail Kouichi Tozawa Dies and Molds

The graduates specialized in the area of Mechatronics and Embedded Software are highly demanded by various sectors, specifically for R&D and design divisions in a variety of computer-related makers, research institutes. Many go to post-graduate schools. The graduates specialized in the Manufacturing System areas are engaged for a variety of manufacturers including automobiles, home appliances, medical industry, information companies, ventures, research institutes, consulting. They also choose to go to post-graduate courses.