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Engineering and Design - Architecture and Urban Design Course


About Architecture and Urban Design Course

The urban spaces architecture creates serve as the subject for studies designed to foster all-around architectural design capabilities and sensibilities. Through the course, we train students able to handle the work of urban development and community redevelopment while creating urban living spaces that are safe and environmentally friendly and will appeal to the people who use them.

Research Domain

Architectural design, urban design, living space design, landscaping, urban planning, real estate development projects, project management, spatial information science, renovation, urban renewal, community development and redevelopment

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SciVal Profile Taro Yokoyama  
SciVal Profile Hitoshi Kuwata  
SciVal Profile Michihiko Shinozaki  
SciVal Profile Taizo Taniguchi  
SciVal Profile Hidetoshi Maeda  
SciVal Profile  Kisa Fujiwara  

The graduates get positions in construction-related firms including construction design offices, general contractors and house builders, project planning and development, management in real estate and commercial business sectors, as well as housing reform companies and furniture manufacturing companies, which have close links with the living environment. There are also large opportunities to enter post-graduate courses. Other career paths include civil servants and urban planning/construction consultants.